SEO works!

Long term success of websites depends on being SEEN and USED, and Search Engine Optimisation focuses on making your site more visible in web searches.

Through effective SEO you can ensure your website is found by those who are specifically looking for your service, product or produce.

SEO is not the same as advertising

OPTIMISING your website's content for better search engine results is NOT the same as placing an Ad on Adwords or Facebook. 

SEO improves the QUALITY of your website's content and code for better results.

Every website, from 3 months old to two year old websites could benefit from a Search Engine optimisation (SEO) session. Optimising your website also includes optimising your web-based listings on Google Maps, Google Plus, Facebook and other Social Media locations.

Search Engine Optimisation is the most under-looked part of online success, but the BEST WAY to spend your time and money because it produces results.

Getting your website optimised helps build your site's reputation with Google and the rest of the internet community, and ultimately gain you better results - lifting you UP the list of search engine results, keeping you competitive.

What's the difference?


An un-optimised website is like having a brochure sitting in your shop. 
By the time someone picks one up, they already know about you.

"Thanks for visiting..."


Having an optimised website is like having a global sales representative on your side. 
Someone making sure that everyone who is looking for you is able to find you.

"Here we are! Over here!"

As Google says you "should base your optimisation decisions first and foremost on what's best for the visitors to your site."

Time-tested, modern optimisation techniques

We have been optimising websites since 1997, and our websites out-rank sites in the most competitive markets.

Ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

Getting your website optimised will help build your site's reputation with Google and the rest of the internet community and ultimately gain you better results - lifting you UP the list of search results.

Qualitative Optimisation

Optimisation improves your website's interaction with Search Engines, makes them easier to understand and decipher. 

The more the search engines understand the content of your site, the quicker you can increases visitors to your site organically... making it more productive and effective!

Does every website need SEO?

Qualitative SEO is about making modifications to many different parts of your website to increase your Search Engine Rankings. This process increases your visitor's experience and your performance in search engine results.
Uplift Design is a web design, web development, social media, marketing and online advertising business for the Healing, 
Creative and Performing artists. 

We're committed to making a difference in the most visited place in the world: the internet.
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